A great initiative or negligence of norms

Pakistanis always come up with unique ideas and initiatives. Recently a great yet out-of-the-box startup came into the limelight named You can contact them to maintain your loved one graves while you are away.

The world is full of people who don’t think on a straight path. They excel because sometimes it’s a necessity of time but people tend to ignore its need. In the same way, Wasti Brothers from Pakistan implied a new initiative in the market. They name it, loosely translate to cleaning of grave services.

Millions of Pakistanis live abroad. They cannot come to their homeland more often as well as visit their loved ones’ graves. Most of the graves then get destroyed due to rain or any natural disaster. To cater this problem they developed a website where you can hire a professional team to do such tasks by paying a nominal fee.

The goal is simple, providing Grave care/tending services to all Pakistanis living abroad and bringing them comfort by eliminating their stressful worries and concerns. Qabar Safai took the opportunity, to gather, organized, and trained a team of fully skilled professionals all over Pakistan who are to provide grave care/tending services to the deceased of any Pakistani around the globe requiring it. Complete grave care will be provided which includes grave cleaning, grave restoration, wreath cleaning, flowering, watering, etc.

Right after the launch it received a mix reaction. Few people are calling it a great initiative. Meanwhile, some are saying that it will destroy the social norms of our culture. People will hire professionals but after a certain time they will lose their emotional attachment to the deceased.

As an individual, I think it is a great business idea. Where you are providing services in the field where there is no other competitor so far. So if you are living far or cannot attend the graveyard more often. You can hire them to do the task on your behalf with just few clicks away.

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