Team of 7 foreign doctors will treat Noor Jahan

The precious elephant in the zoo named Noor Jahan is suffering from joint pain problem. She and her companion Madhubala are under treatment of foreign doctors. After recovery, both elephants are to be transferred to safari park.

The beautiful elephants at Karachi zoo is suffering from joint pains and legs swelling. Her condition is deteriorating with each passing day. Elephant whose name is Noor Jahan is one of the favorite’s sight of kids. She and her companion Madhubala are few elephants that are owned by Karachi zoo.

Recently when the condition of elephants get worse. Supreme Court Sindh issue a notice to summon foreign doctors to treat animals. They allow the animal right organization Four Paws to come with their qualified doctors and treat the ailing elephants.

It is pertinent to mention here that all four African elephants arrived in Pakistan in 2009. Noor Jehan and Madhubala had been moved to the Karachi Zoo, while Malika and Sonu had been taken to the Safari Park. After the treatment these two elephants are also going in Safari Park for better lifestyle.

Dr Amir Khalil, who works with Four Paws, said that Noor Jehan’s condition was “serious” and he was to arrive with his team in Karachi.

“If the elephant is alive by then, we will start the examination and treatment,” Khalil told.

“[We] will assist in relocation of the elephant from the zoo at a later stage after improvement of the health conditions. But its condition is very serious,” he added.

Ali Hasan Sajid, a spokesperson for the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC), stated that KMC’s doctors were tending to Noor Jehan.

“Animals fall sick like humans do and they are treated. Noor Jehan is also sick and she is being treated,” Sajid said.

The follow-up came after Kaavan, known as the “world’s loneliest elephant”, was released from a zoo in the federal capital. However, Kaavan was transferred to Cambodia in late 2020.

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