Moon and Venus come closer after a long time

On Friday, the moon and Venus, the brightest planet in our solar system. Lined up in conjunction in a rare occurrence in the skies. The spectacle was witnessed throughout the world and many people were left simply amazed to witness the event.

The Solar system along with 9 planets and its numerous enigmas continue to puzzle mankind. In one of the rare conjunctions in the sky tonight, Venus seemed to be ‘disappearing’ behind the Moon. The moon and Venus are supposed to be the rarest sign humans can witness in thousands of years.

Though, the two planets are miles apart but as they align together in a symmetrical line. This makes it a puzzle for hundreds of thousands of curious skywatchers. As the two celestial objects moved closer to each other in a rare sight tonight. The conjunction was visible in many parts of the world.

Venus is one of the brightest planets in the Solar System. Because it reflects 70% of sunlight back and is also the closest to Planet Earth. As Venus & Moon aligned in the same line, the former looked slowly disappearing behind the dark edges of the Moon. As the Moon came in between Earth & Venus, the brightness of latter was expected to be curtailed by nearly 250 times.

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NASA’s statement

American space agency NASA also took to Twitter to inform the users of the same. They also urged people to share their clicks of the rare event. “Look westward to find the Moon as a beautiful slim crescent this evening after sunset, hanging just below blazing-bright Venus. Tomorrow evening, look west again to spot the Moon once more, this time shining from above Venus,” they said in the tweet.

It will not only be Venus which will be in the evening sky. March-end will mark a parade of five planets in the skies as seen from Earth. Five planets are set to align between March 25 to March 30 as Earth enters the equinox. Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Uranus, and Mars will align in the skies, forming a rare parade of planets.

While all five planets continue to roam around each other in the final days of March, you will be able to see them the clearest on March 28.

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