Is Pakistan on the verge of destructive Earthquake soon?

The deadly earthquake that was predicted by Dutch researcher Frank Hoogerbeets came true. Now there are reports that a destructive earthquake will soon strike Pakistan, India, and other nations. After the prediction, thousands of people began to worry.

After Dutch researcher, Frank Hoogerbeets’ prediction about the devastating Turkiye-Syria earthquake came true. Rumors are circulating on social media that a destructive earthquake is likely to hit the South Asian region including Pakistan, India, and other countries.

However, a Pakistan Metrological (Met) Department director has rejected the predictions and speculations about the earthquake in Pakistan. Speaking to a private TV channel, the PMD director said that there was no similarities between Turkiye and Pakistan fault lines.

“There is no scientific basis for earthquake predictions. Pakistan has its own state-of-the-art monitoring system which is keeping an eye on the aftershocks in Turkiye and Syria,”. The PMD official said.

He said that Pakistan’s two-thirds population is situated on the fault line. The country had suffered huge life losses due to the 2005 and 2013 earthquakes. That hit the above-mentioned flight line, he concluded.

After observing the situation in Turkey and Syria. Thousands of people in Pakistan, India, and other countries started panicking following the news of the prediction about the earthquake in Pakistan and India on social media.

Chaos among countries

Pakistan, which inhabits 231.4 million, and India, with 1.408 billion population, is one of the most populated countries in the world. At the same time, the whole world is grieving the loss of lives in the Syria and Turkey earthquake. This earthquake prediction about the earthquake in Pakistan and India has created panic among the inhabitants of both nations.

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Many social media outlets share the news of the devastating earthquake in India and Pakistan, just like Turkey and Syria.

Few are wondering why everything is being posted on social media. They are questioning why they are creating panic when people are already devastated seeing visuals of the Syria and Turkey earthquake. Even If Frank Hoogerbeets’ last prediction was correct, no one knows what lies ahead. They think that every time a significant earthquake strikes, all people who do not know Earth Sciences come up with their logic. There is unnecessary fear among people on social media. Geologists can only predict, but they can only forecast based on valid data.

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